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Digital camera...!?

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I´m going crazy over this! I have wanted a digital camera for at least two years, but I never get my self round to buying one.

Well, now my mum and grandma gave me some money for christmas for one... BUT I STILL CAN´T DECIDE WHICH TO BUY!

I´ve spent at least 4 h today and almost as long yesterday on the net trying to figure out which camera would be the best one for me.

I HATE buying expencive stuff, because I have the feeling that I´m always being tricked. But at the same time i really want a digital camera.


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rainy and gray - anything else that´s new?

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It´s just gray, gray, gray in Berlin these days.
Not even cold enough to ice skate or walk on the frozen lakes.

I want to go somewhere else!

Came back from Stockholm not even a week ago - and now I´m planning to escape again:

I have thursday to sunday off from work.
My girlfriend will be working like a maniac exactly these days,
my best friend is going to southern Germany for the weekend.

Why should I stay here? I will be bored to death.

I talked to T today, and she kind of liked my idea. She said that next week will be really busy for her and that she perhaps tags along.

Just one question - where to?

We don´t have much money, but T has a card that gives you AND A FRIEND 50% off of the train ticket price.

We could go to the northern coast.
Or to the coast on the boarder between Germany nd Denmark.
Or th the saxonian alps.
Or to Dresden!

But unfortunately, I think it´s very likely that we just talk on the phone, trying to figure out whereto we could go and then end up staying in the city.

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It´s friday and I´m sorting the week out in my head.

Monday - wednesday I was in Stockholm visiting my sister and a lot of old friends.

And now I´m back in Berlin, working.

I´ve started to tell my co workers as well as my two bosses that I´m going away in august or september for at least 6 weeks. Everybody´s really relaxed about it, which makes me relaxed as well.

But I must confess that I had a chock on wednesday afternoon when I realized exactly how expencive the vaccination will be... I went to Tropeninstitut (that´s where you get your shots in Berlin) with Sara. We talked to a really nice and professional doctor (Why am I always surprised when the doctors turns out to be nice?). She suggested that I should be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, Rabies and Yellow fever. I accepted. And now I have to pay about 410 Euros for 7 shots.
When I told my boss he said that I could as well have gone to the HIV-center where you apparently can get vaccinated against Hepatitis for free if you tell them that you belong to a risk group. Ah, well...

The trip is becoming more and more real now. I´m happy about it, finally.

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